Unguided Walk 2

Unguided Walk  2

This is the second walk in our ‘Unguided Walk’ series.  There are  pictures and details of the memorials together with a map to help you locate the gravestones.  There are links to some of the graves in our Articles section.

1      In this row are three early headmistresses of Bedford High school for girls.  Ada Benson ,(McDowell), Annie Carter and Marion Belcher

2      This is the Higgins family cross. Adjacent to it is another Higgins memorial (tall solid block).  12 of the family including one servant are buried in this area. The Higgins family were a leading Bedford brewery Company. Also Founders of the Cecil Higgins Art gallery and Museum

3      These are 2 Laxton memorials. The Laxtons were leading nurserymen, famous for breeding Laxton Superb apples and many other new fruits and vegetables. One member of the family died in WW2 in a bombing raid in Kimbolton Road.

4      CD was a small terrier dog who was a stray and who lived in the cemetery. Much missed by his friends.

5     Richard Stafford was a talented rugby player who played for Bedford RFC and England.

6      A. E Dawes was a casualty of WW1,  dying on 27th Oct 1918. She was one of Queen Alexandra’s imperial Military Nursing Service

7.    The Wells family memorial has many family names. Charles Wells was a leading Local brewery Company.

8.    Commonwealth War Grave memorial to Private D Bennett who died of wounds on 17th Oct 1918.

9      Christopher Mlynarcyz was a delivery boy for the Co-op He died in a road accident on 15th Dec 1972.  He was a leading amateur boxer of his time.

10    The Bull’s family group of graves. They are still a well-known jewellers in St Peters Street.

11     The Day’s family group of graves. The Day’s shop was a prestigious Lady’s outfitters. If you were “anyone” you shopped there!

12    The Wyatt’s family enclosure. Includes many family members together with 3 servants. James Wyatt was proprietor of the Beds Times newspaper, and also the Town Clerk. He instigated the buying of the land by the borough for the cemetery.   It opened in June 1855.  His eldest son Otho was buried here in July 1855

13    This beautiful stone commemorates Francis Freeman who had been the organ blower at Holy trinity Church for many years.  He died on 24th Jan 1882.

14    Dr Hurst was the leading Medical Superintendent at Bedford Infirmary (now South wing Hospital)

15    William Boulderson Grube died aged 14 years.  He drowned while trying to save a school fellow.

16    Thomas Turnley died aged16 years 3 months.   He was a pupil at Harrow School .He was 4 days old when his mother died.

17    Algernon Foster. The Foster Family lived in Brickhill House (where Eagle Gardens are now). He was a child who died in Dresden, Germany. This memorial was in the grounds of the house and was moved here when the house was demolished. It is  over 24 years older than the cemetery.

18    Here are the first of two burials that took place in the cemetery on the day the grounds were officially opened This is a cross in memory of Ellen Tacci aged 2 years  The second burial was Edward Chandler who was 18 years old . His grave is nearby

If you walk down towards the chapel from here you will quickly get back to your starting point.


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